4 reasons why you should go on a Kruger safari

discoverafrica 02 March 2016
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The Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest game reserve and with good reason too; it’s home to over 500 bird species, 100 reptiles, close to 150 mammals, as well as  many archaeological sites and a huge diversity of flora.

It’s these statistics that make a Kruger safari such an attractive choice for wildlife enthusiasts from all over the globe. If a South African safari is on your travel bucket list, grab a cup of coffee as we’ve scoured YouTube to find you four awe-inspiring videos to whet your appetite.

This video details the variety of wildlife, the local people and the cultures that you can experience during a Kruger National Park safari.


This seven minute long clip shows you a safari experience is filmed here through the eyes of a traveller - and the diversity of wildlife that you can see in the Kruger National Park.


Full day game drives are always a treat in the Kruger National Park. If you’re a keen wildlife photographer, Kruger often provides you with excellent wildlife interaction and activity for the perfect shot.


Watch this short documentary-styled video of a 4-day safari in the Kruger National Park.


When is the best time to visit the Kruger National Park?

Kruger is a suitable destination at any time of the year. The park experiences two 'seasons'; the wet and dryMost people prefer the dry season from April to September, simply because game viewing is better during this time of the year. A wet season safari however is equally as enjoyable, with the Kruger being transformed intoa lush paradise. 

Why choose the Kruger for your safari? 

South Africa is a beautiful country with ample activities in both the cities and bushveld, making a safari here a well-rounded trip. If you're looking for a contemporary destination then the Kruger is perfect for you. 

Is the Kruger National Park suitable for families? 

Aside from the malaria risk, the park is a wonderful choice for families. Most lodges and camps in the park make provisions for children, meaning a great safari for everyone. A trip here is both educational and fun, making this a prime safari destination for families. 

Is it possible to have a great Kruger vacation on a budget?

Of course it is. If you find the lodges and camps a bit too expensive, you have the option of having a self-drive safari in the park. There are plenty of affordable accommodation options, ranging from self-catering chalets to budget-friendly B&Bs. Let us advise you about your budget options. 

Should I stick to the Kruger or extend my vacation to the rest of South Africa? 

The choice is entirely yours. This will depend on your budget but we highly reccommend extending your stay to include a visit to another park or region of the country, many of which are equally as diverse as the Kruger. iSimangaliso Wetland Park, the Drakensberg, Garden Route, Cape Town and the Cradle of Humankind are among the most popular destinations to visit, each with their own weather, flora and fauna and history. You need not have any regrets if you're sticking to the Kruger though, as it truly is a world on it's own. 

If you have any questions, or you need advise, we're here to answer any of your burning questions. Simply let us know here

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