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28 Oct 2019

A very huge herd of the wildebeest crossing the Mara River from Northern to Southern Serengeti.

November is a major moving month, as the herds head through the Serengeti towards the southern short-grass plains. This month sees the mega-herds on the move as the actual ‘Great Migration’ takes place.

Towards the beginning of November, the Mara river is still the place to be with river crossings still happening. However, the first herds will be reaching the central Serengeti, so there is a good argument for splitting your time between two locations in the park – Kogatende and Seronera/Moru is often perfect. From the 15th onwards, river crossings are rare, so we often suggest that clients focus on areas around the central Seronera river valley and Moru (south of central).

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