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Western corridor herds arriving at Sasakwa and Sabora Plains

17 Jul 2015 by Singita - Grumeti

Hi Carel,

Forgive me if Ryan has already been in touch with you, but just an update:

Wildebeest in the hundreds of thousands on the Sasakwa Plains here at Singita Grumeti over the past few days. Still huge herds on Sasakwa Plains this morning, but lots of movement, but not quite sure what will the result will be as some seem to be moving east and then others west!

Will keep you updated. I have attached a few grainy iPhone photos as well.

Elizabeth Hamrick,
Singita Grumeti

Wildebeest on the Sasakwa Plains - Image by Elizabeth Hamrick
Western corridor herds arriving at Sasakwa - Image by Elizabeth Hamrick
Migration at Singita Grumeti - Image by Elizabeth Hamrick