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Some lovely rain in Maswa!

13 Feb 2015 by Grumeti Expeditions

Hi Carel,

The wildebeest are following the rain and with there having been some lovely rain in Maswa. The beasts were found delightfully happy in the Makao area. Ndutu remains very dry but we are hopeful for some rain to come.

The wildebeests also enjoyed some company on their treks by wild dogs around the Matiti Hills area. Whilst the original sighting was four,  there are now 14 in the group so the others must have been hiding!

Thats all from me for now.

John Ngoma,
Grumeti Expeditions Guide

Ndutu is running dry - Image by John Ngoma
There's water in the Hidden Valley - Image by John Ngoma
Zebra close to Lake Ndutu - Image by John Ngoma
Wildebeest herds in the water - Image by John Ngoma