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Sabora Plains overflowing with wildebeest

30 Mar 2015 by Singita - Grumeti

Hi HerdTracker Team,

Over the last few days we have noticed that the herds have been moving back and forth somewhat but the major thing is that they have been very present here.

We experienced a few rain showers over the last few days and last night it drizzled pretty much the entire night.

This morning, Sabora Plains is overflowing with wildebeest (as seen in the attached photo by Frank Louw). It is difficult to guess how many but there are tens upon tens of thousands. It is pretty impressive.

Reports from our Grumeti Fund scout camps and OP’s say the western Grumeti Game Reserve is also inundated with large numbers of animals mainly zebra and wildebeest.

Thank you,
Ryan Schmitt

Wildebeest on the Sabora Plains - Image by Frank Louw