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Huge influx of Wildebeest into the small marsh

27 Feb 2015 by Lemala Camps

Hi Carel,

It's been great these last couple of days as we received a huge influx of guests (aka Wildebeest) into the small marsh area near Lemala Ndutu as the pictures show. In fact, our owl was keeping a very close eye on their arrival and departure and was desperately looking for Conrad the tweeting wildebeest (@HerdTracker) to share the news with but perhaps he was already in Serengeti!

Due to the lack of rain though in the area they are heading out to Naabi and moving into Southern Serengeti. We continue to pray for rain here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Camp Manager, 
Lemala Ndutu

Wildebeest in the small marsh - Image by Benson, Lemala Ndutu
Migratory wildlife on the move - Image by Benson, Lemala Ndutu
Owl watching the wildebeest herds - Image by Benson, Lemala Ndutu
Herds are moving into the Southern Serengeti - Image by Benson, Lemala Ndutu