Early move this year to the north

05 Aug 2014

Now that things have calmed down slightly at the waters edge can we recap on movements, where and why, an early move this year to the north with a rare Loita / Serengeti migration in the Mara at almost the same time. Lots of burning followed by little to no rain in the Serengeti will probably send the herds back into the Mara soon. Low Mara River water-levels made many crossings possible, so I predict a move back into the Mara and then perhaps a move down again a week or so after Serengeti rain, a good time to go it seems. Darren Geary, Manager Kicheche Bush Camp, captured this wonderful image of Acacia at camp.

A leopard called Acacia was spotted at the Kicheche Bush Camp - Image by Darren Geary
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