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Botswana in July

discoverafrica 09 February 2018

Botswana is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. It is home to amazing parks and wildlife reserves that attract a huge number of tourists. The tourism sector in this country is developing at a very fast rate prompting the development of various first-class hotels with top-notch services and facilities. July is like the winter of Botswana, the days are warm but the evenings rather cold. This article is going to highlight what to expect when you visit Botswana in July.

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Weather and climate

Botswana being a landlocked country, it has a subtropical desert climate with low humidity throughout the year. It is also characterized by huge differences in the day and night temperatures.The weather of Botswana in July can be surprising. The average temperature in the morning is 6 degrees Celsius while the afternoons can be more pleasant with an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius. However, the night temperatures most of the time drop below the freezing point, especially in the drier areas of Kalahari.

Wildlife to see

It is no doubt that Botswana is one of the top countries in Africa with the most abundant wildlife populations. This is largely because the country has a very low human population, making other animals thrive. Visiting Botswana in July you'll see almost all types of savannah animals; from elephants, hippos and lions to the likes of Zebras and giraffes. You can visit the Chobe national park and see all these kinds of wildlife. During this time of the year, birds also thrive well in this country. The Moremi game reserve is famous for a big concentration of wild bird species. There are other several parks including the Nxai Pan National Park that you can also visit and see the many different kinds of wildlife, however, you should avoid the Okavango Delta during this time of the year as July sees the height of floods.

Fun activities

Apart from visiting the game parks and reserves, there are other amazing outdoor activities for you to engage in. The Chobe River boat cruise is one thing that you should not miss out on. On this awesome cruise through Senyati, you will get the chance to see the crocodiles and hippos at close range and even take photos. You could also rent a car and go for a self-drive through the Kalahari, Moremi and Khwai; this is going to be a brilliant experience for you. There are other fun activities that you could engage in including horse rides through the diverse terrains of the parks or even exploring the Gcwihaba caverns.


What to pack

Since the weather can be rather cold in the night, you should definitely pack warm clothes. Other essential items to pack include insect repellants, umbrella, sunglasses for the afternoon sun, sturdy walking shoes, cameras and extra batteries, cell phone, documents and money and anti-malaria medication if possible.

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