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13 May 2019

Counting Down!! With only one month left before the Grumeti River Crossing in the Serengeti, Tanzania - Have you booked your River Crossing safari?

Just a Wanderer spotted a small herd of the wildebeest in the Lake Ndutu heading towards the Central Setengeti

By June there'll be little rain and the wildebeest rut will be well underway. Munching its way through the Western Corridor, the migration will begin to coalesce into a 'mega herd', bunched up along the southern bank of the Grumeti River. 

Join HerdTracker on a 10-day wildebeest migration safari in the Serengeti National Park's Grumeti region: http://bit.ly/2Vs6jxe

- Image by Just a Wanderer
- Image by Just a Wanderer
10 May 2019

As the long rains continue in the Ndutu Region. Just a Wanderer witnessed a large herd of the Great Migration, in the Lake Ndutu in search of green pasture. 

- Image by Just a Wanderer

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