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Wildebeest migration update from Lemala Ndutu

08 Feb 2015 by Lemala Camps

Hi Carel,

Just got back from Ndutu area and our guests have seen some impressive numbers of zebras and wildebeest around the Mti Wa Shetani area as well as around Ndutu itself.

Yesterday whilst I was driving out, there were long lines of animals marching into the area from the east. It is very dry there now but did see some thunder and lightning out towards Maswa yesterday afternoon. I have shared a video with you on drop box let me know if you get it.  

Take care and have a good weekend!

Tom Yule
Lemala Camps

Wild dogs on the Ndutu plains - Image by Benson Lemala Ndutu
Wildebeest on the move in Ndutu - Image by Benson Lemala Ndutu
Big marsh crossing - Image by Tom Yule Lemala Camps
Wild dogs in the Serengeti - Image by Benson Lemala Ndutu
Calving season in Ndutu - Video by Lemala Camps