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River crossings at Lookout Hill

22 Jul 2015 by andBeyond

The first significant Mara River crossings happened close to andBeyond's Kichwa Tembo and Bateleur Camp. Rangers and guests all watched the incredible action with baited breath for a full hour.

The Kichwa team has been anticipating the arrival of the herds and even though they are fortunate enough to witness the incredible Great Migration every time it enters the Masai Mara, Assistant Head Ranger at Kichwa Tembo,Tim Kiok exclaimed, “The truth is, it felt as though it was my first time seeing the herds! I couldn’t believe they had finally arrived.”

The herds are slowly making their way north towards nyuma nane and the lookout hill is also teeming with wildebeest. 

Wildebeest crossing the Mara River - Image by Tim Kiok
River crossings at Lookout Hill - Image by Tim Kiok
Migration crossing the Mara River - Image by Tim Kiok
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