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More arrive at Mbalageti from the south heading north-west

12 Mar 2015 by Mbalageti Serengeti

Hi Carel,

We were sitting at our restaurant area, as you know, lovely view from there towards the south-east and we saw some good numbers arrive this morning.

Clouds of dust kicked up and it seems that there are more on their way, early for them to arrive with us but we are not complaining. Some pictures attached but your zoom lens would have come in handy!  

Keep well,
Mbalageti Serengeti

View from the Mbalageti restaurant - Image by Stephan Grobler
Herds arrived close to Mbalageti - Image by Stephan Grobler
The wildebeest migration has arrived - Image by Stephan Grobler
Mbalageti saw good numbers arriving this morning - Image by Stephan Grobler