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Major Mara River crossings at crossing point 8

01 Aug 2015 by Asilia Africa

Hi Carel

Yes, some major crossings, most prominent at number 8. But crossings at most crossing places several times a day, so best time to be here.

One ( No. 8)  with many thousands crossing over 1.5 hours saw about 60 Wildebeest drown and the carcasses floating down river.

The day before a male lion took out 4 Wildebeest at the crossing point, along with a croc on the opposite bank taking one animal..

Over the last few days we have had rain in the afternoon mostly in the Mara and extending to northern Serengeti. This has also led to muddy roads and vehicles getting stuck. Today looks clear but rain is forecast for tomorrow and early next week. Very unseasonal!!

Here are the rainfall statistics:

27 July 2015 - 24mm rain
28 July 2015 - 1mm rain
29 July 2015 - 0mm rain
30 July 2015 - 4mm rain

Roger Carloni
Asilia Sayari Camp

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