HerdTracker user, captures first Mara River crossing from Olakira Camp

16 Jul 2015

There were probably 20,000 to 30,000 in the Bologonja area broken into a few smaller groups heading straight towards the direction of Makutano and Crossing points #8 , #9 and #10 with more coming from the south. Not sure how many are there now.

When I was flying south to the Lobo airstrip on the 13th we saw pretty big herds on the way heading north. One of the guides just told me that yesterday there was a crossing of 6,000 wildebeests in the afternoon, so seems like a steady stream of crossings and you'll be there at the right time!

I miss the bush already and really hope to be back soon.

Thanks, happy HerdTracker user

Wildebeest migration crossing the Mara River - Image by HerdTracker user
- Video by HerdTracker user