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Herds back at Lobo, Klein’s concession and Bologonja with movement towards the east

30 Jun 2015 by andBeyond

Hi Carel,

The inconceivably immense mega herd has officially made its way just south of the Serengeti/Mara border. Wildebeest and zebra in the hundreds of thousands are currently stationed around Bologonja and the Nyamalumbwa Hills, within close range of &Beyond Klein’s Camp and Kogatende, where andBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas is now positioned.

FANTASTIC news for our guests in Kenya, there are already some smaller splinter herds being reported by our rangers across the border in the Masai Mara. Our Kichwa team has observed large herds at a reasonable distance and they expect that guests will be able to witness the huge herds in the Mara within the next week or two

Wildebeest images courtesy of andBeyond Klein’s Camp Ranger Karipoi Ngaiseri.
Zebra images courtesy of andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Head Ranger Joseph Kima

Zebra and Thomson's gazelle - Image by Joseph Kima
Herds are back at Lobo - Image by Karipoi Ngaiseri
Wildebeest migration - Image by Karipoi Ngaiseri
Wildebeest around Bologonja and Nyamalumbwa Hills - Image by Karipoi Ngaiseri
Zebra and Thomson's gazelle grazing - Image by Joseph Kima
Zebra - Image by Joseph Kima
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