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Herds are spread out between Ndutu and Kusini

16 Dec 2014 by Captain Joel J Fernandes

‎Hi Carel,

We got some coordinates of some of the big herds. They have been parading in the south parts of the Serengeti, between Ndutu and Kusini. And last week I had the opportunity to get up close, on ground.

I spent 24 hrs in the Serengeti and saw the big 5 (including 2 rhinos), cheetahs, the migration and tonnes of fantastic birds (4 lifers). I can, with the full conviction, say that this is the best place in the world to Safari.

Here are some pictures from the air. Have a fantastic day!

Wildebeest herds between Ndutu and Kusini - Image by Capt Joel
Herds in the Southern parts of the Serengeti - Image by Capt Joel
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