A subtle blend of nature and novelty, Durban is home to some of the best tourist attractions South Africa has to offer. Located in KwaZulu-Natal province, this beach city is South Africa’s third most populous city. It is widely renowned for its African, Colonial and Indian influences, not to mention the magnificent sunny beaches that will keep you coming back for more. 

Whether you are a laid-back vacationer or an adventurous tourist, Durban has plenty to offer all types of visitors. Here are five reasons why you should visit this coastal paradise.

1.  Great Weather

The city experiences long periods of warm, sunny weather throughout the year, with short rains witnessed cumulatively for only 90 days. The hottest month is February, with average temperatures ranging from 21 degrees to 29 degrees while the coldest month is June with an average of 18 degrees. If you want to bask in the sun for long hours, then make a plan to visit in August when the city experiences the longest periods of sunshine.

The Golden Mile of Beaches 

The Golden Mile is one6 of the most striking tourist attractions in Durban. It consists of six kilometres (approx. 4 miles) of exotic sandy beaches that roll deep into the Indian Ocean, stretching from the Suncoast Casino to the South Coast Beach. It offers an excellent reception for beachgoers who would love to have a good time sunbathing or swimming in the warm waters of the ocean. The sunsets are simply breathtaking, not to mention the seascape scenery created by the artificial piers that separate the long stretches of golden sand. 

Surfers Paradise

Whether you are a regular surfer or just starting out, Durban guarantees some of the safest sites for surfing enthusiasts. These include the Golden Mile, uShaka Beach, Addington Beach, Amanzimtoti (South Coast Beach), North Beach and Umhlanga. 

The Coastal Scenery

Durban is not any other coastal town. It is a marvel to behold as far as sceneries are concerned. This seaside paradise offers breathtaking views of scenic coves and the grandeur of the ever-present pristine coastline. Besides the picturesque topographies, a visit to Durban gives you an opportunity to swim with dolphins in popular spots such as St. Lucia and Margate. Additionally, Whale watching activities are also available throughout the year. 

There is so much more than you can do in South Africa’s seaside paradise to make your visit memorable. Considering the favourable weather, breathtaking sceneries and welcoming ambience, Durban is a city that every fun-loving tourist must visit at least once in their lifetime. Most travellers opt for booking a vehicle  with car hire Durban or car rental South Africa