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As Roving Bushtops prepares to make the move back to the Central Serengeti

18 Apr 2019 by Bushtops Camps

As Roving Bushtops prepares to make the move back to the Central Serengeti, the herds seem to be making their way too. The migration was captured in the Moru area by safari guide Amos. 

Some camps are set in magnificent surroundings but fixed: others offer game viewing on the move, at the expense of five-star facilities. As its name implies, Roving Bushtops offers the best of both worlds.

The camp's main base sits proudly in the heart of the Central Serengeti, in the Seronera Valley. Not only does our superb location provide exceptional year-round game viewing for our guests, the migration comes to us in June and November and we can reach the migration herds on a half or full-day game drive till around the end of June/beginning of July before they reach the northern Serengeti and around mid October to November when the herds are returning.

In between (December to mid-April), Roving Bushtops follows the migration South to Kusini where we sit temporarily for about four months. Ensuring our guests get high chances of seeing the migration birthing season after which the camp moves back to our spot in Central Serengeti to catch the herd before they reach Serengeti Bushtops which offers a ringside seat for the world-famous river crossings, which take place in the Northern Serengeti.

- Image by Amos
- Image by Amos
- Image by Amos