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An estimated 1,500 animals crossed from west to east

06 Aug 2014 by Governors' Camp

Hi Carel - There was a large crossing at the main crossing point at 1500 this afternoon an estimated 1,500 animals crossed from west to east. Early this morning many wildebeest on the north bank of the marsh which is on the Musiara plains, they crossed from the west a few days ago and came down via Topi plains and the Masai conservation areas in the north east, two days ago there was a little rain up in the Olare Orok and Mara North conservancies, the reason for the back and forth, there are many wildebeest and Zebra across on the south bank of the Talek and on the west bank of the Mara river - Patrick Reynolds, Governors Il Moran Camp Manager

The wildebeest making their way across the Mara River - Image by Patrick Reynolds
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