Discover Africa Safaris Nelis Wolmarans

Nelis is a born and bred South African wildlife photographer, whose images have covered the pages of numerous publications across the globe. He grew up in the heart of the Greater Karoo and from a very early age has had a deep love for Africa’s wildlife. His dream became reality when he started working on a private game reserve in 1999. By far the majority of his adult life has revolved around Africa’s wild animals. His passion for the bush and all creatures within, guided Nelis to work in hugely diverse areas of the wildlife industry. These varied from leading walking safaris and doing lodge management in South, East and Central East Africa, to big game capture and relocation work. Nelis was also very involved in anti-poaching operations in South Africa with the majority of his focus being on rhino protection. Nelis’ photographs are an accurate reflection of his undeniable passion for Africa’s wild places, her unique cultures and of course her incredible wildlife, which he has spent a good portion of his life studying and protecting. His skillful use of a camera, calm demeanour and personable nature combined with a keenness to share his experiences and knowledge with others, is what drove Nelis to become a private wildlife and photographic safari guide. Private guiding allows him to explore with and introduce his clients to some of the most iconic safari destinations on the African continent.


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