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Hidden deep in the central Serengeti, along the Nyabogati River, Into Wild Africa offers one of the best locations. They are perfectly located 8km deep in the bush from any road and on the edge of a beautiful Savannah plain. The river provides year-round water for the animals, the bush great protection and of course exciting action on the plain. A Into Wild Africa camping experience will be like no other, you’ll be submerged in the wild for a truly unforgettable experience. In a nature-inspired location and being only 23km from the Seronera airstrip, their location has all the essentials!


31 Jan 2022

Our herdtracker contributors "Into Wild Africa" sent us this breathtaking footage. February is often the peak of the Great Migration calving when 500,000 young wildebeest are born in a matter of weeks! Imagine seeing this spectacular event from a hot air balloon over the lush grasslands of Tanzania, what a life-changing moment that would be. 

13 Jul 2021

Our amazing contributing partner Into Wild Africa sent us this footage. The herds seem to be enjoying all the rains splendour in Kokatende!

11 Jun 2021

Our new contributing partner, Into Wild Africa, informed us that some of the magnificent Migration was spotted at their mobile camp on June 11th. An incredible journey is about to begin!

- Image by Into Wild Africa
- Image by Into Wild Africa
- Image by Into Wild Africa

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