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A fine balance

The conservancies adjoining the Masai Mara Reserve increase the size of this wildlife heaven tenfold    

The conservancies bordering the Masai Mara Reserve are well managed and the number of vehicles allowed is controlled. This creates an important buffer zone between the sensitive Masai Mara Reserve and the neighbouring Maasai land that was traditionally used for grazing cattle and village settlement. It also provides income for both the Maasai people and the conservancies. From west to east, the conservancies are: the Mara North Conservancy, the Olare Orok (Olare Motorogi​) Conservancy, the Naibosho Conservancy and the lesser known Siana and Olderkesi conservancies. Mara North was made famous by Jonathan Scott’s Big Cat Diaries and Leopard Gorge, while Olare Orok is arguably the best wildlife area outside the Masai Mara itself, with lots of lions. Naibosho – an up-and-coming conservancy that's good for walking – also has some good woodland that lures elephant, giraffe and browsers.

Popular Masai Mara (Conservancies) safaris

These popular itineraries can be customised to match your budget and travel dates

HerdTracker Masai Mara wildebeest migration safari

Witness the wildebeest migration in Kenya's iconic Masai Mara National Reserve with HerdTracker

$ 4,510

£ 3,245

R 52,897


per person

7 days

Migration Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

See the beauty of nature's greatest wildlife spectacle on one of the grandest stages of them all

Price on Request

per person

8 days

HerdTracker Kicheche Camps safari

The best of Mara North and Olare Orok Conservancies with Kicheche

$ 4,145

£ 2,983

R 48,616


per person

7 days

East Africa big cat safari

This safari to the Serengeti and Masai Mara in East Africa is all about big cats – lots of them and up close for outstanding photographs

$ 7,735

£ 5,566

R 90,722


per person

10 days

Best of Africa safari

Experience the best of Africa, from the Okavango Delta – one of Africa's Seven Natural Wonders – to the endangered mountain gorillas and East Africa's Great Migration

$ 16,865

£ 12,136

R 197,806


per person

16 days

Kenya free night offer: Mara and Ol Pejeta

If you have an adventurous spirit, don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a level of safari solitude and serenity simply unheard of in the Mara and Ol Pejeta

$ 3,525

£ 2,537

R 41,344


per person

7 days

Masai Mara wildlife discovery

The Masai Mara is the world's most prolific game viewing area for big cats and the Great Migration

$ 6,617

£ 4,762

R 77,609


per person

10 days

Masai Mara safari adventure

Explore the jewel in Kenya's crown - the wildlife rich Masai Mara National Reserve

$ 3,170

£ 2,281

R 37,180


per person

7 days

Kenya’s top 3 southern attractions

Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara are southern Kenya's superstars, the best places for your safari

$ 7,090

£ 5,102

R 83,157


per person

10 days
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Megan Warrington says

The conservancies are always a good choice and if you have to choose between a conservancy and the Mara itself outside of river crossing times, then the conservancies would give you a far better game viewing experience. But you do also want to see the river crossings between July and the end of the year.

More on Masai Mara (Conservancies) holidays

Combining the Masai Mara Reserve with one or two of the conservancies is recommended to round off your Mara experience. In the conservancies, you can drive at night, drive off-road and enjoy walks – none of which is allowed inside the reserve itself. However, you won't experience the Mara River crossings of the Great Migration unless you visit the Masai Mara Reserve, in particular the Governor's Camp or Mara confluence areas. Agreements between private conservation organisations and the local land owners, mostly on a non-profit basis, have dual purpose: the land provides grazing for Maasai cattle during the drier months and also land to conserve Africa’s wildlife. The agreement creates sustainable conservation models based on the coexistence of domestic cattle and wildlife. The grazing does what key mammal species would have done when there were still enough elephant, buffalo and other ungulates on Maasai land. It stimulates new grass and also the growth of grass species that would vanish without grazing. As a result, plains game and smaller ungulates move onto the concession land in search of new grass. In their wake they bring predators, which in turn bring tourists.

Masai Mara (Conservancies) Map

Masai Mara (Conservancies)'s location on Google Maps

Frequently Asked Questions about Masai Mara (Conservancies)

When is the best time to visit Mount Kenya National Park?

December to March are the sunniest months and perhaps the best time to visit. There are some cloudy periods and rain from March to May, and drizzle from October to early December which may restrict clear views. However, Mount Kenya National… go there.

How does the weather influence a safari?

While a safari holiday can be at any time of year, it is worth noting that seasonality will impact the type of experience you’re likely to have as well as the cost of your safari. During the dry season, the wildlife tends to congregate… go there.

Can I bring my children along on a safari?

Family safaris in Africa are a worthwhile and meaningful experience. Aside from spending quality time with your nearest and dearest under a wide blue African sky, a safari in Africa offers invaluable experiences including unique cultural… go there.

What is a typical day on safari like?

Life on safari has a rhythm of its own, largely dictated by the animal's movements. Generally, the most rewarding times for game viewing is in the cooler early mornings and also late in the afternoons when the animals are most active. A… go there.

When is the best time to visit Samburu National Reserve?

The months of December through March and July through October are dry, making them by far the best months to visit the Samburu National Reserve. When the wildlife viewing is at its prime. go there.

When is the best time to visit Tsavo East and West National Park?

May to October is the best time to visit Tsavo East and West National Park. The wildlife is easier to spot - since they gather around the waterhole. go there.

When is the best time to visit Lake Nakuru?

June to October and January to February. The wildebeest migration reaches the Masai Mara in July and remains until October - when they move back to the Serengeti in Tanzania. However, wildlife is easier to spot since the animals gather… go there.

What is the best time to see the great migration?

The best time to see the wildebeest migration is in August as the herds cross the Nile crocodile infested Mara River, crossing an international border between Kenya and Tanzania. go there.

Will I be able to use my smartphone during my safari?

Wi-Fi is the best option when planning on using your smartphone during your African safari. Using apps such as Skype for Android and iOS, Viber for Android and iOS as well as Google Hangouts for Android is the best way to stay in touch with… go there.

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Reviews on our Masai Mara (Conservancies) safaris

Discover Africa and Carel has put in such an effort for us to experience the annual wildebeest migration, meticulous planning and accurate predictions with logical and the best accommodation options both sides of the Mara River guaranteed us…

Jates and Hil Oettle

from South Africa

All details were covered, all staff and food excellent, service was perfect - would highly recommend for sure.


from United States of America

After shopping around for a couple of months, Discover Africa was the one who had the most diverse options for the price. Megan Warrington always responded quickly and was professional and patient with my endless questions. Discover Africa…


from United States of America

They organized everything for our first visit to Africa, from the airport meet & greet through to the tours, great hotels and locations.


from United States of America

From the first approach to the end, Discover Africa, has been excellent . The hotels, the service and every think has been well above our expectation. The perfect choice ! Thanks to all and specially to Megan.

Enrico Liberati

from Italy

The assistance was provided very professionally. Our trip coordinator tried to find the best places considering all our needs and finance. I would definitely recommend Discover Africa to everyone who is going to make a memorable Africa trip!

Anna Martirosyan

from Portugal

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