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Mara River Update

HerdTracker update 22 May 2019 by Adam Bannister

Mara River Update

“The Penninsula”, part of the river known – one of the main crossing points during the Great Migration. The first photo was taken on the (19 May 2019), and the second photo was taken during a wildebeest crossing last year (25 August 2018).

The worry…level of the water. We are coming to an end of what is historically a wet period for the Maasai Mara region. There has been no seasonal rain this year and for a magnitude of reasons, the river is extremely low.

For those who thought they’re late to book a river crossing safari! Good news, the herds might be late this year and you still have time to book your river crossing safari.

Best places to experience the migration: Masai Mara Safaris

Recommended safari: Herdtracker East Africa Wildebeest Migration

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