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Safari guide Michael Thomas captured a herd of the wildebeest on the Kakesio Plains during his morni

11 Mar 2019 by Alex Walker's Serian

Scores of wildebeest are still pouring through Ndutu, where calves are being born in great numbers. While the rains are continuing, the Ngorongoro Plains offer life-giving water before the wildbeest eventually move on. 

The calving season is arguably one of the most interesting and enjoyable times of the year to view the Great Migration, due to the abundance of new life in the area, from baby elephants using their trunks for the first time, to stealthy lions on the look out for food for their bouncing cubs.

A green season safari is both affordable and one of the best times of the year for a photographic safari. Although rainy, there are wonderfully sunny days too. 

great migration safari alex walker's serian kakesio plains
Michael Thomas captured the latest migration image in the Kakesio Plains - Image by Michael Thomas
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