Watch as a giraffe is rescued from a swimming pool in this YouTube video.

While filming the television series Wild at Heart, the crew found a nine-year-old, pregnant giraffe in a swimming pool, as caught on the above YouTube video.

The show is filmed in the Leopard's Den game reserve in South Africa, where wildlife roam free and the crew do their best not to interfere with them in their habitat. On this occurrence though, the 14 months pregnant giraffe, named ‘Lucy’, managed to squeeze through a fence around the set situated in the Glen Afric game sanctuary.

Producer Adam Friedlander says he is not 100 per cent sure how the giraffe landed up in the pool, but he guesses that she may have been drinking from it, and with her head being too low, became disorientated and fell in.

Actor Stephen Tompkinson who was on the set at the time said: “It was such a bizarre sight – as soon I walked round the corner all I could see was this great neck sticking out of the pool."

The rescue began with the crew first draining the pool with the idea of using sandbags to build steps that the giraffe could use to climb out. The idea was abandoned after concerns that the animal would slip and fall over.

The Fire Brigade was called to the rescue, and decided to dig a trench at one end of the pool and lure the giraffe out with food.

After three hours, Lucy eventually climbed out of the pool without a scratch.

So for future reference thats how a giraffe is rescued from a swimming pool - YouTube video style!

Source: The Telegraph