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Migration all over the southern plains, from Kakessio in the south, to twin hills and Ndutu itself

08 Dec 2015 by Ndutu Safari Lodge

Morning Carel

Wildebeest all over the plains, they are certainly gettng denser each day, we have had reports from our guides that there are many towards twin hills (Matiti) and then also south of us towards Alex's Serengeti South Camp Kakessio area.  It seems the herds are here early for a reason, to give birth, so we are expecting the early calves to arrive late December and January this year!  All in all, it is great to see the Serengeti so beautiful and green, what a time to be here and experience this all with not many people around!

Keep well

Ainslie Wilson, Ndutu Safari Lodge

- Video by Ainslie Wilson
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