Calving season round-up and wonderful images from Alex Walker

05 Feb 2015

As we move into February, the traditional calving month, do we report that the new generation of migratory wildebeest, zebra, Thompson's gazelle and eland's arrivals are at its peak at present.

The big numbers are presently around Kakessio south of lakes Ndutu and Masek and also at Kusini plains and into Maswa to the west of the Serengeti.

The calving a little early this year with early big rains during January sparked the early arrivals. Ndutu plains are drying out but you still have access to the big herds if you pack a lunch picnic and go out the whole day from traditional Ndutu accommdoation options. Lots of cheetah, wilddog interaction with some wonderful sightings.  Have a look at these superb images sent through by professional guide / photographer / filmmaker, Alex Walker.  For last minute bookings, look towards the south-west.

Carel Verhoef - HerdTracker 

Wildebeest at sunset - Image by Alex Walker
Wildebeest on the move - Image by Alex Walker
Wild dog with it's share of a kill - Image by Alex Walker
active around the Kakessio area - Image by Alex Walker
Wild dog and the wildebeest herds - Image by Alex Walker
Much needed rain on the Serengeti plains - Image by Alex Walker
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