Article by Rick Harington
27 Nov' 2018

Uganda is the place where the Eastern and Western frontiers of the world's most vibrant continent converge. Here you will find dense and lush forests while at the same time tread on patches of arid savannah before finally bumping on an array of gorgeous waterfalls, expansive tea plantations, and fresh-water lakes. It is no wonder that Winston Churchill once went as far as describing Uganda as Africa's Pearl in the early 1900s.


Uganda is fast becoming a hot destination in Africa, due to its affordability and old-world charm. There is something for everyone in Uganda, from exploring lush forests on a gorilla trek, or climbing the Rwenzori mountains, Uganda offers lakes, game viewing and a wealth of unchartered territory worth exploring in 2019.

A Vibrant Culture

Ugandans are friendly and hospitality and their reputation for kindness will make your Ugandan trip about more than just the astounding natural beauty. The quality of service is memorable; service staff will often go the extra mile to make sure that you feel welcome and at home within their borders. The majority of adult Ugandans are reasonably fluent in English so you don't have to learn Buganda or French before jetting into the country. Tribal and cultural identity are important to Ugandans and they are eager to share their history with visitors.

A Green Emerald

Uganda is synonymous with a stunning green and endless landscape. The luxurious and lush jungle is also home to thousands of birds and animal species, some of them quite rare and already endangered. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, for instance, is a haven for one of the continent's largest micro-ecosystems. The landscape is not only unspoiled,  it also offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of our own concrete jungle.

Water, Mountains, and Primates

If you're yet to go on a wild kayaking spree in the company of chimps, gorillas, and bonobos, then Uganda is waiting for you. If anything, it is one of the last remaining places on earth that you can go on a chimp or gorilla trek in 2019. There are more of this endangered animals in Kibale National Park than anywhere else on earth.

What's more; water channels, waterfalls and landlocked lakes are some of the main attractions in Uganda. For the mountaineers, the Ruwenzori in Western Uganda offers an unparalleled challenge in a fascinating setting.

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Feature Image: Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

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