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Singita, ('place of miracles') is a collection of twelve luxury lodges and camps located in three different countries - South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania - all situated on the African continent.


17 Oct 2018

Close call! Despite being caught by the tail, this lucky wildebeest managed to escape and successfully cross the Mara River. ​

- Image by @jtherese21
18 Jul 2018

Head guide, Mark Nicholson witnessed the migration spread out across the Sasakwa Plain during his morning game drives. 

Sasakwa is situated in the Grumeti Reserve, northern Tanzania and forms part of the Serengeti Mara ecosystem. 

- Image by Mark Nicholson
17 Jul 2018

The majority of the migration has moved through the Grumeti concession heading northeast out of the Ikorongo Reserve. However, approximately 100,000 wildebeest were seen entering the concession just downstream of the Faru Faru Lodge along the Grumeti River. 

Credit: Head guide, Mark Nicholson

12 Jul 2018

About 50,000 wildebeest are spread out across the Grumeti concession from the Sasakwa Plains towards the Faru Faru area. However, large herds are moving towards the east of Ikorongo reserve along the Grumeti River. 

Credit: Head guide, Mark Nicholson

- Image by Mark Nicholson
27 Jun 2018

There are huge numbers of up to 100,000 wildebeest coming into the Grumeti concession. 

Credit: Head guide, Mark Nicholson

26 Jun 2018

It is safe to say that the great migration has arrived in the Singita Grumeti, with thousands pouring in each day.

A huge number of wildebeest was captured in the Grumeti Game Reserve, near the Sabora Lodge. 

Credit: Head guide, Mark Nicholson

- Image by Mark Nicholson
06 Jun 2017

Hi HerdTracker

We have received word from our scouts on the ground that large herds have arrived at the Sasakwa and Sabora plains.


Singita - Grumeti

Wildebeest herds around the Saskwa and Sabora plains - Image by Singita Grumeti
- Image by Singita Grumeti

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