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Maasai Wanderings offers unique African wildlife safaris, mountaineering treks, cultural experiences, historical site visits and beach holiday escapes exclusively in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.

We are passionate about our wildlife, tribal cultures and all of the mystical treasures that Africa has to offer and this makes us proud to present it to you. The combined experiences of the Maasai Wanderings team demonstrates a concise understanding of wildlife behaviours, practical local knowledge of culture and history and dedication to each individual adventure – all of which create a ‘special’ experience!


17 Sep 2018

Safari guide Ally Mnele spotted the herds crossing the Makutano crossing point in the Mara River. 

- Image by Ally Mnele
08 Aug 2018

Safar guide, Peter Moshi captured one of the daily crossings at crossing number 4 in the Mara River. 

27 Jul 2018

Safari guide Mohamed Hassan captured the most recent crossing in the Mara River number 9. 

27 Jul 2018

The crossing continues with huge numbers running the gauntlet of the Mara River at point number 8. 

Credit: Safari guide, Kareen Saadun

- Image by Kareen Saadun
- Image by Kareen Saadun
- Image by Kareen Saadun
28 Jun 2018

A large group of the wildebeest migration was captured one kilometre before the Nyasiroli, Grumeti bridge to the border of the Grumeti Reserve. 

Credit: Safari guide Karim Saadun 

- Image by Karim Saadun
- Image by Karim Saadun
26 May 2018

Ranger Karim Saadun captured a massive herd in the Simiyu area heading towards the Moru Kopjes. 

- Image by Karim Saadun
12 May 2018

Safari guide Baraka Ng’wavi captured a large herd of wildebeest in the eastern Serengeti, near the Research Kopjes. 

- Image by Baraka Ng’wavi
05 May 2018

A  big herd of migrating wildebeest were spotted in the Research Kopjes, heading towards the Zebra Kopjes.

The Kopjes are in the Southern area of Namiri and the northern side of Gol Kopjes. 

Credit: Ranger, Kareem Saadun

- Image by Kareem Saadun
- Image by Kareem Saadun
03 May 2018

The majority of the herds are heading back down south towards the Gol Kopjes.

There was a major rain storm in the Ndutu area over the past weekend. 

Credit: Sales and Marketing, Johann Lombard

- Image by Young Henry
02 May 2018

Safari guide Muba Mkepo was travelling through the southern region of the Naabi Hill towards the Ndutu. Much to his surprise, he noted that the wildebeest had returned from where they were a couple of days ago in the Gol Kopjes area.

The migration is now moving southwest towards the Hidden Valley and the southern part of the Serengeti. They are following the recent rains that have showered the region, promoting exponential grass growth which they are in need of for their long journey to the north. 

25 Apr 2018

The triangle of the Hidden Valley is surrounded by thousands of wildebeest. 

In the meantime, a small group of zebra is migrating between the Naabi Hill Gate to Simba Kopjes. The herds will soon be on the move!

Credit: Ranger, Mbaraka Mkwepo

25 Apr 2018

A large number of the wildebeest and zebra are spread around the Shamba la Maharage, heading towards the Hidden Valley and the Kusini area. 

Credit: Ranger, Charles Mwanisawa

12 Apr 2018

As safari guide Mohammed Hassan was driving from the central Serengeti, he witnessed a big herd in the Naabi heading towards the Gol Kopjes area.

27 Mar 2018

During morning game drives in the Serengeti, Shamba la Marahage captured the wildebeest migrating between the Naabi and Ndutu area.

25 Mar 2018

Maasai Wanderings Director, Donna Duggan witnessed a big herd of the wildebeest migrating within the small marsh at the Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp. 

20 Mar 2018

Due to the heavy rain in the Southern Serengeti, the herds are spread out from the Gol Plains to Naabi Hill and moving back towards the Ndutu area. 

There are also occasional sightings in the Punda Kopjes and the Sametu Kopjes.

Credit: Maasai Wanderings Ltd Director, Donna Duggan

- Image by Donna Duggan

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