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Intimate Places Tanzania is a provider of ’boutique’ accommodation in Tanzania. Their aim is to bring you as close to nature and wildlife as possible in locations which are small, exquisitely presented and tended by people who excel in the art of pre-empting the desires of their guests.


15 Mar 2016

Hi HerdTracker,

The herds are on the move towards central Serengeti at the moment (a few weeks early).

Here's a picture I took of the migration on the Makao plains near Camp Zebra in Ndutu on Monday last week.

Kind Regards,

The wildebeest migration on the Makao plains
The wildebeest migration on the Makao plains - Image by Nicholas Lawson
10 Mar 2016

Hi HerdTracker,

I just returned from a four day safari in Ndutu. There are a few herds dispersed in the Makao Plains near Camp Zebra.

I'm planning to sort out my pictures as soon as I have caught up with my emails. I expect to have a picture ready for you by tomorrow to post on HerdTracker.

Best regards,

29 Sep 2015

Hi Carel,

I was lucky enough to witness a Mara River crossing of a couple of thousand wildebeest yesterday morning at crossing point number one, a 10 minute drive from Camp Zebra.

Kind Regards,

Mara River crossings - Image by Marc Lawson
28 Sep 2015

The aftermath of a stampede at Mara River crossing point number one this morning. 

The results of a stampede at the Mara River - Image by HerdTracker
Stampede at Mara River crossing point number one - Image by HerdTracker
Aftermath - Image by HerdTracker
Devastation - Image by HerdTracker

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