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Great Plains Conservation is an initiative to help curb this downward spiral of our threatened natural world by being proactive today and applying what they know best.


23 Jan 2018

Following the unexpected rains in the Mara, the Loita wildebeest and zebra have split into three groups.

  • A good number of the Loita wildebeest are in the Loita plains, following the recent rains. 
  • A group of the Loita zebra are migrating in the Mara North Conservancy.
  • And the majority of the migration are migrating in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, south of the Mara Expedition. 

Credit: Mara Expedition Camp, Assistant Manager, John Parmasau

14 Dec 2015

Two of Selinda Reserve's pride males crossing a channel. These two are powerful and have a close bond. It's always a treat seeing them.

- Image by Great Plains Conservation

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