Discover Africa Safaris Charley Swynnerton

Charley Swynnerton was born in Botswana and grew up in East Africa. Coming from a long line of game wardens, naturalists, hunters and guides, she has a natural love for the wild. Charley has been fortunate enough to have managed camps in some surreal African locations, private chef for mobile safaris, knowledge on wildlife and birds, trained chefs and re-done menus for some of the top safari companies throughout Africa. Charley has spent a lot of her life traveling Africa and eating local cuisine. She has an incredible understanding of the local produce and where it all comes from. Fire is her favorite medium to express her passion for cooking and you will be in awe of what she can produce on the naked flames. You will find that she can’t get enough of this continents different landscapes, cultures, languages, wildlife and food. Join her on a tantalizing taste bud journey and experience the true essence of Africa.


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