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01 Apr 2019

Kenya has two migrations that happen yearly! Everyone knows about the annual great migration that brings over 1.4 million animals into the Mara during the winter season. However, the lesser known migration known as the Loita migration where about 10,000 plus wildebeest and zebra migrate between the conservancies, Mara and to the Loita plains were captured in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy. 

- Image by Andrea Blackshaw
18 Nov 2018

Great wildebeest migration crossings continue at point No 0 from the north towards the Southern Serengeti.

Credit: Safari guide, Elia Edward

- Image by HerdTracker
12 Nov 2018

November might bring rain, but it's still a good time to see the wildebeest in the Serengeti. Most of the herds have moved back into the Serengeti and can be found in the Lobo, Mbuze Mawe and Seronera Valley areas.

Safari guide Elia Edward spotted the herds crossing point number 7 back into the Southern Serengeti. 

Cooler weather with showers are to be expected. 

- Image by HerdTracker

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