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From Gol Kopjes, Naabi and all the way to Ndutu packed with wildebeest and zebra, go now!

23 Apr 2015 by Ndutu Safari Lodge

Good Morning Carel,

Not much more to add - the wildebeest are everywhere. I went out for a look around last afternoon and it was amazing!  Really dry under the tyres so no worries about mud or getting stuck.

The Makao Plains right across to Twin Hills and beyond is wall to wall covered. Closer to Ndutu, the Caracal Plateau and all surrounding woodlands are scattered with large herds as well. Standing on the meadow and using binos looking out over the Triangle towards Lemuta and Gol, full full as well.

So we would welcome last minute guests and low season rates now apply.

Ndutu Safari Lodge

Ndutu is packed with wildebeest - Image by Ainslie Wilson
Herds are spread from Naabi to Ndutu - Image by Ainslie Wilson