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Crossings at the Mara River main crossing point and Cul De Sac crossing point

23 Sep 2015 by Asilia Africa

Hi Carel,

Yesterday morning at the Mara River Main crossing point and the Cul De Sac crossing point, the herds started making their way across at 08:00 a.m and went on for better part of the day.

The herds seem to have made the big decision of heading back south (Serengeti) although some are stopping at Ngiro Are area (Mara Triangle Conservancy) for a salt lick session which a very important mineral for the pregnant wildebeests mamas.

This evening we had showers coming from south.


Dust in the air - Image by Onesmus Irungu
Wildebeest prepare to cross the Mara River - Image by Onesmus Irungu