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Shark breaching experience

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Shark breaching experience?

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Get up close and personal with the breaching manners of great white sharks as they stalk and pursue Cape Fur Seals around Seal Island.

In the flesh, the great white shark is every bit the legendary predator that wildlife documentaries make it out to be. Only, when you’re mere metres away from the real thing as it launches its jaws out of the water, you experience a rush of adrenaline you won’t find while sitting on your sofa.

Experience Shark Breaching May to September

The day begins on a yacht, cruising the Indian Ocean to get to Seal Island just before sunrise. This time of the day holds the best chance of witnessing the great white shark’s natural predation behaviour as they hunt Cape Fur seals. Watching and waiting we give the stealthy predators an opportunity to display their famed, natural hunting technique which ends in a mighty breach.

If the level of natural predatory activity is low, it’s time to make use of a short decoy tow using a fake, cut-out, carpet seal which is great for stirring up some action. A seal simulation has the ability to coax great whites into an energetic breach as seen in many iconic photographs, giving you a chance to capture a sought-after photograph of your own.

Next, the yacht heads off on an inspection lap around Seal Island so the Captain can scout for injured seals and record his findings for research and conservation purposes. The scan of the perimeter gets you a closer look at the Cape Fur seal colony which is close to 64 000 seals strong.

Now you have the opportunity to capture an intimate face-to-face moment with a great white in a cage diving experience. The torpedo-shaped carnivores are lured to the vessel, and if the weather conditions offer good visibility and safe seas, then a floating cage is lowered into the water. Eager divers are then readied with all the necessary equipment and are lowered into the cage. While in the floating cage you have the freedom to view great whites from above or below the water’s surface. Either way, you’re in for excellent viewing.

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  • Run by renowned operator in shark breach sightings and shark cage diving
  • Experienced crew
  • Personalised tour
  • Opportunity to experience breaching sharks as seen on National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel
  • Opportunity to experience great white shark’s natural predation behaviour
  • Observe Cape Fur seal colony
  • Maximum of 12 guests per trip
  • Spacious 36 ft catamaran equipped with lavatory
  • Maximum of 3 guests in the cage at a time
  • Air available for certified divers
  • Lunch, snacks and a variety of refreshments included
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