Botswana during the Green Season

09 May 2017
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Many people prefer going on safari in Botswana during the dry season because they do not like the rain that characterizes the green season, but this is still the best season to go since it is the time when the landscape is richest in flora and fauna.

Here is a useful list of reasons why you should go on a Botswana safari during the green season.

Outstanding value for money

There are fewer tourists during the green season and this affects prices. This is critical considering that Botswana is one of the most expensive African destinations due to its remote lodges and the government’s decision to prioritise low-impact tourism. High season rates generally apply between mid-June and the end of October and generally only drop again in November.

There are however, some amazing specials that can be accessed during the green season at a much lower price. 

Wonderful game viewing

Green season game viewing especially in the Duba Plains is arguably one of the best in Southern Africa.

At this time you will get to experience the annual zebra migration. The annual summer rains flood the Makgadikgadi salt pans turning the landscape into wetlands that attract tens of thousands of animals, that come to feed on the lush new vegetation. 

These wildlife migrations from the more permanent water sources to the flood plains and pans are a real draw card at this time of the year. You are also likely to witness lots of baby animals and even live births. There are also more predators at this time, especially lions.

Fantastic photographic opportunities

The lush green landscape and puffy clouds play a huge role in determining the range of colours and lighting that one can capture on camera.

Passing rain storms and showers often characterise afternoons during the low season and as the clouds gather in the backdrop behind a super lush landscape, they form some of the best photo moments.

In the afternoons, the sun starts moving towards the horizon to create a kaleidoscope of colours. Puffy storm clouds commonly gather at a distance to reflect a mixture of ominous and vibrant light onto the landscape below.

This creates a complexity of natural elements to produce some of the most surreal and riveting photographs. Lighting and rainbows are also common during the rain season, and this often makes for some unique photographs!

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