10 reasons why you have to go on a Big Cat safari in the Masai Mara

09 May 2017
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Kenya’s Masai Mara is home to a wealth of flora and fauna that very few destinations around the world can match.

Seeing the Big Cats of Africa such as lion, leopard and cheetah are generally right at the top of traveler’s bucket lists when planning an African safari. The good news is that if you’re heading on a Kenya safari, you’ll have a good chance of seeing the Big Cats.



One of the most handsome lions enjoying the sunrise and a cool breeze. Masai Mara, Kenya If you'd like to join me on safari or inquire regarding prints, please visit my website www.YSWildlifePhotography.com and please like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YS.Wildlife.Photography #lion #huffpostgram #discoverearth #nikontop #nature_sultans #earthfocus #nakedplanet #nature_wizards #waycoolshots #earthofficial #nikonnofilter #wildlife_perfection #ig_photostars #photoarena_nature #WildlifePlanet #animalelite #igscwildlife #AfricaNature #africageophoto #africanamazing #naturegeography #african_portraits #earthcapture #wildlifeonearth #exclusive_wildlife #wildgeography #wildlife_supreme #animal_captures #Wildlifephotography #nature_of_our_world

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Cuteness overloaded / awesome expressions - Masai Mara - Kenya, Sept 2016 During our last morning game drive in this trip, we had a very good sighting of a Lioness and it's Cubs. There was a large ditch nearby and thick grass cover as well. The lioness entered the ditch and didn't come out for sometime. We could barely see it. All of a sudden, we saw additional movements and were very happy to see not one, not two but three cute Cubs. The Cubs seemed to be less than a month old. #natgeo #natgeowild #natgeowildlife #natgeoyourshot #wildlife #wildlifeplanet #wildlifesojourn #wildlife_seekers #wildlifephotography #bbcwildlife #bbcwildlifemagazine #animalplanet #animals #animallover #lion #discoverwildlife #discoverychannel #discover #lonelyplanet #masaimara #masaimaranationalpark #masaimaranationalreserve #kenya #kenyawildlife #canon #instasaevus #wildcats #wildcatsofinstagram #bigcats #bigcatsofinstagram @natgeoyourshot @natgeowild @natgeo @natgeochannel @discoverychannel @discoverkenya @discover_kenya @animalplanet @animalsafaris @wildplanetphotomag @wildplanetphotomagazine

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Leopard Nap - part 2 #kenya #masaimara #fujistas #fujifilmxt10 #fujifilm #dimensionesclub #turkishairlines

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More Cheetah #fujifilm #fujifilmxt10 #fujistas #masaimara #kenya #dimensionesclub #turkishairlines

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Peek a Boo #leopard #safari #kenya #bigcat #peekaboo

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