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Experience a migration safari in Tanzania

An unforgettable safari experience where wildlife is a feast for the eyes.

Experience a migration safari in Tanzania available in Tanzania, Tanzania Northern Circuit, Tanzania Southern Circuit, Tanzania Western Circuit

An unforgettable safari experience where wildlife is a feast for the eyes.

African safaris offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures and every wildlife lover has it on their travel checklist. This migration safari offers the chance to see exciting animals amidst breathtaking scenery. No wildlife event beats the great wildebeest migration safari Tanzania. For two seasons every year, herds of wildebeest make a circuit through the Serengeti plains following the grass that grows with the periodic rains.

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If you want to experience a seamless migration safari in Tanzania, then you'll need to plan adequately. The great wildebeest migration is an annual event that occurs in Kenya and Tanzania. The start of the migration is dependent on the timing of the year's rains. Considering the unpredictability of the rains, there are a few tips to assist in planning for a safari of this nature. In terms of when to go, the migration takes place between May and December which is regarded to be the peak season. It is however important to keep in mind that the timing of the migratory herds' movements can be unpredictable.

Know before you go

  • The people are great. There are over 100 ethnic groups in Tanzania, making the local cuisine fascinating and cultural activities intriguing.
  • Mount Kilimanjari is massive. At 5895m high and 40km wide, it’s little wonder why this is Africa’s highest peak.
  • The road infrastructure is not as good as it used to be.
  • Drink bottled water.
  • Get vaccinated, especially against malaria.

When to go

What to pack

Bringing the right personal items and clothing on your migration safari in Tanzania not only keeps you comfortable and safe, it also increases the level of enjoyment in the various adventurous activities you are going to undertake. The most important and obvious rule is to ensure you pack lightly. Make the wisest choice on what clothing you will bring. Unless you plan to attend a special event, formal clothing is unnecessary. Bring loose-fitting clothes that will make you comfortable throughout the day and night. Avoid bright coloured clothing that might soil easily and choose neutral colours such as light bark, khaki, beige, green and olive. Ensure you pack insect repellent as tsetse flies and mosquitoes are concerns in Tanzania.

Due to the intensity of the activities you may undertake throughout your stay, appropriate shoes to protect your feet from thorns and stones are a must. Get some waterproof shoes such as hiking boots for game drives and hikes.

Weather and Climate

Between April and May, the rains abate and the Serengeti tends to dry out, which may not make this the best time to visit. From June to July, a transitional period starts and the rains alternate with the dry season. This is the regarded as the mid season.

Safari / Holiday Styles

​Safari-style holiday where your itinerary is planned and your needs are generally taken care of.

Where to stay

​From August to December.

Frequently Asked Questions about Migration Safari in Tanzania

What is a safari shower “bucket” shower?

Safari/bucket showers are common in mobile or tented camps where there is no permanent plumbing. They are an effective yet environmentally friendly way to shower where water is at a premium and provide plenty of hot water to wash… go there.

What is the accommodation like on safari?

Safari lodges have guest rooms similar to a hotel with en-suite bathrooms. They are comfortably furnished with all facilities normally associated with a 3-star hotel. Tented lodges have rooms which are tents on a platform and with a roof and… go there.

What languages are spoken in Tanzania?

Language The official language in Tanzania is Swahili but there are hundreds of other local dialects. English is the second official language and the country's commercial language. It is also the main teaching language used for all higher… go there.

Can I bring my children along on a safari?

Family safaris in Africa are a worthwhile and meaningful experience. Aside from spending quality time with your nearest and dearest under a wide blue African sky, a safari in Africa offers invaluable experiences including unique cultural… go there.

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Reviews on our Migration Safari in Tanzania

After initially contacting Discover Africa, Karl Svendsen contacted me and we started the process of getting a quote and defining an itinerary for a safari to Tanzania. Karl was extremely professional and timely in his responses and in short…

Fantastic safari and excellent logistics!

from United States

I just wanted to thank Discover Africa and Karl Svendsen - the safari was great - we saw many more animals than expected including cheetah, leopard, many lions and even a three-day old elephant calf. Additionally, we had our own hippo…

Margaret Dean

We had the most wonderful time in Tanzania. We left yesterday and miss it already. We saw the big 5 and felt super lucky to see the lions and leopard with their kill. Our guide was also wonderful. Thank YOU for planning our trip of a…

Debbie Wei

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