Visa requirements for Botswana

There are only a handful of countries whose residents require tourist visas to enter Botswana (this list can be found here), while every traveller must ensure that they hold valid, permanent passports with at least 3 blank pages remaining. Most tourists in Botswana come from the United States, second-most is the United Kingdom, and third is Germany. Visitors from these countries do not need visas for 90 days and then can get an extension from immigration. Emergency or temporary passports are not accepted without an accompanying visa. Those travelling with minors (children under 18) are required to provide a certified copy of the minor’s unabridged birth certificate in addition to their valid, permanent passport in order to gain access into Botswana. In the instance that the minor is travelling without one or both of his/her parents, an affidavit from absent parent/s consenting to their child’s travel.

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