An affordable Botswana safari

Advice for achieving a value-for-money holiday in Botswana would be to plan ahead and book accommodation in the best wildlife areas at the best time of year, so that one can get the most out of the safari experience and money spent. It pays to do some research about the lodges in the country to compare prices and find out what the affordable options are in hotspot areas like the Delta, Chobe River, Savuti, and Moremi Game Reserve, so that one can be accommodated in top locations without paying a prime rate. Classic safari camps without “all the frills” are often the best choices for feeling a true connection with the natural surroundings, indulging the senses, and creating a multi dimensional experience, so if one can forgo luxuries such as air conditioning, electricity, and king-size beds with percale cotton, the reward in terms of value will be far greater. It is vital to book accommodation a year in advance to ensure this availability of lodges during the best season for game viewing.

Elephant are prevelant in Botswana (credit Rachel Lang)

On the other hand, peak season for some might not be others’ idea of fun, as the popular time to travel will result in a high density of tourists, vehicle traffic, and high prices, which could detract from the experience if one is out to seek solitude and exclusivity. For some, the “off season” is the best time to go, as the prices of safari lodges are reduced by about a third, the parks are much quieter, and there is more freedom to roam.

During summer, Central Kalahari Game Reserve is awash with greenery and plenty of grass and water, and baby animals are born, which piques he predators’ interest. Birds are abundant and the bush is invigorated and nourished. The rainy season in Botswana can offer enormous value for money for those travellers who have been on safari before and who are back for something more, something different, and who know what to expect in terms of terrain and climate.

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