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Why you need travel insurance in 2018

discoverafrica 24 January 2018
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You’ve finally booked that dream safari in Africa and as you touch down at your destination, you’re filled with trepidation, wonder and excitement for the trip of a lifetime. The sights and sounds of a foreign country can be overwhelming.

The truth is that there is a certain amount of risk involved in travel, regardless of global technology’s influence on how we traverse the globe. Most resorts and tourist destinations are safe enough, but anything can happen during a long vacation, and when they do, it's good to have something that you can fall back on, and that's what travel insurance policies are designed to do.

Whether it's natural calamities, lost possessions or legal issues, a good travel insurance policy can protect you against all manner of emergencies. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from the average travel insurance policy.

Lost luggage

Although this is relatively common, there really isn’t anything more annoying than having baggage lost or delayed during transit. Good travel insurance will protect you with a small allowance so that you can freshen up before your baggage finally arrives. If your luggage is stolen or damaged, this is also grounds for claiming from your travel insurance provider.

Delayed flights

Delayed flights are another travel inconvenience that can’t be predicted. Unusual weather patterns or an aviation emergency can leave travelers high and dry. If your airline cannot accommodate you during your transit, your travel insurance will sort out the problem. Use your allowance to get last-minute accommodation, toiletries or some food before you’re on your way again.

Medical emergencies

While medical emergencies don’t happen often, when they do it can be quite a shock. One doesn’t necessarily plan for this but sometimes it may happen to you. Illness or injury is a scary thing to happen while on safari and travelers need plenty of support in these cases. If you require hospitalization or expensive medicines, your travel insurance will have your back until you’re healthy enough to get back home.

Legal issues

Sometimes, a brush with the law in another country can happen. It’s often a good idea to book your African safari with the help of a safari expert so that they can inform you of the laws of another country. Accidents do happen and should you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, travel insurance can make or break a situation like this.

Money matters

Lost or stolen cash and credit cards is any traveller’s worst nightmare. If there is no bank representative in your destination, getting yourself back on track can be very challenging. The good thing is that travel insurance will help you get back in touch with your cash. Most embassies cannot help you with this matter so travel insurance is your best bet.

From weather-related accidents to unexpected cancellation fees, travel insurance is designed to protect you and your family from the pitfalls of long-destination journeying. A travel insurance policy may also be useful if you're traveling together with a group. Assuming the policy also covers your companions, it can protect them against the same contingencies that you
are protected from.

While travel insurance is an additional expense, but is really worth it when you consider the overall cost of an African safari . Sometimes a little financial protection can be extremely handy should the unexpected happen.

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