Article by Jacqueline Freer 28 January 2014

Mauritius or Seychelles? Weigh up your options and see what will work for you. Just by looking at the differences between Mauritius vs Seychelles you should find it easier to determine where to head to for the perfect beach holiday in Africa.


Above: Mauritius is the ultimate destination of relaxation and fun by the pool, or seaside

Mauritius is an island of infinite beauty that won’t fail to entice and lure in anyone who has the opportunity to visit it. It’s an archipelago located off the South East coast of Africa, East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Best known for its warm, sparkling turquoise waters and the contrast of colours, flavours, and cultures that visitors can experience, an adventure-seeker is sure to love it.

Mauritius by day

If you’re someone who enjoys water activities like windsurfing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing and deep sea fishing, then you’ll love the buzz and range of water sports that you can get involved in with the locals in Mauritius.

Other leisure activities include volleyball, tennis and golf. Some resorts also offer kayaks which make for a more peaceful (if not strenuous) way to explore the shore. Mauritius is a place where you can spend some romantic time with your significant other. As the day fades into night, take a romantic stroll along the beach and take in the full impact of an open sunset.

Mauritius by night

Mauritius is within the protection of a dynamic coral reef and some consider it as a solitary island. However, it comes alive in the evenings with beach parties and casual functions helped along by the hotels and guest houses along the beach line. The tourism hot spots are mostly filled with foreigners who’ve come to make the most of their trip and are ready to join you for a ‘night out on the town’.

Saving the planet

Eco-tourism is an industry supported by the Mauritian government and a service that you might like to enjoy. The island has garnered huge success with its conservation endeavours. After the Dodo bird's extinction, Mauritius took strong sentiment towards conservation. The Casella Nature Reserve offers environmentally conscious travellers the chance to safari in a non-intrusive way.


Above: Seychelles is a gorgeous retreat of sea, sand, sun and natural beauty.

The island of Seychelles is known as an Eden that continues to mesmerise anyone who sets foot on its exquisite white sands. No one would be able to erase the memorable beauty of the topaz water as it intertwines with the sand - the luxuriant green hills its backdrop. It’s also an extremely interesting place to visit given its history of French colonialism in the 18th Century, which has clearly left its mark. While it was later occupied by the British, the Seychellois Creole languages live on today, as well as some of the architecture.

Destination Seychelles

The island is located east of mainland Africa and North East of Madagascar. It has 115 islands that have their own distinct qualities. The islands come in various sizes to form this well-known archipelago. There are some government-protected and privately owned islands that are not accessible to the public. However, this is generally for the preservation of local species.

Seychelles by day

Each of the islands in the Seychelles offers breathtaking scenery, hence its popularity as a travel destination. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a diving trip to the outer islands. Alternatively, the inner islands offer you what’s left of a submerged mountain range and all the wildlife in between. Because of the sheer size that the islands cover and the many secluded areas, this is a diver’s paradise. Seychelles also offers world-class fishing.

Saving the planet

If you’re into motorised sports, this may not be the best destination for you. The government doesn’t allow this activity due to conservation laws. On the plus side, the growing movement towards eco-tourism means that you can meet giant tortoises and birds in their natural habitat.

Take a peek at the rare black parrot that found sanctuary on the island, as well as the large settlement of some 150,000 giant tortoises. Be amazed at the Coco-de-Mer, the largest known seed with a reputation for its aphrodisiac components.

At the end of the day, when it comes to Mauritius vs Seychelles, sporty adventure seekers who enjoy long parties and speedboats may prefer Mauritius, while nature-lovers and conservationists may be more partial to the Seychelles. 

Whether you opt for Mauritius, Seychelles, or even Mozambique, one thing is for sure - you're about to have the most amazing luxury beach holiday of your life. Thank you Africa.