Six of the best Namibian sunsets

discoverafrica 04 January 2018
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As the summer sun reaches its seasonal peak in Africa, we just can't get enough of long days on safari with the iconic African sunset to kiss each day goodbye. Namibia offers visitors a breathtakingly beautiful setting sun and we've compiled six of our best, taken all over this majestic land. Take a look: 

1. Etosha National Park


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One thing you wouldn’t expect in such an arid country is plenty of water, however, Etosha National Park is situated around the dry salt pans of northern Namibia. Perennial rains cause water holes around the area to fill, drawing an astonishing amount of wildlife and birds to the area, including the magnificent flamingo. This is a bird lover’s paradise, with a golden sunset setting the tone just right for your Namibian adventure.

2. The Kalahari Desert

Cutting across South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, the Kalahari desert is an ancient landscape that was home to one of the oldest peoples of Africa; the San bushmen. Geologists believe the Kalahari was formed at the same time as the continent of Africa, making it incredibly old. The Kalahari is home to the endangered Cape wild dog, as well as desert-adapted elephants, desert lions and brown hyena among others. Here we see a dusky pink sunset, typical of the Kalahari. The best thing about the Kalahari? The smell of the bush after a long day on safari.

3. Swakopmund

The quaint seaside city of Swakopmund is a jewel along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. Largely influenced by its German-colonial roots, Swakopmund offers visitors the chance to see a surreal landscape where the sand dunes of the desert meet the cold Atlantic ocean. The sea is rich with marine life, including Cape fur seals, the imposing Great White shark and dolphins, who can be seen frolicking in the nutrient-rich waters.

4. Spitzkoppe

The bald granite peaks that rise from the red dunes are known as Spitzkoppe, and are believed to be 120 million years old. Weathered by wind and sand, these peaks have formed interesting and sometimes unbelievable formations. Spitzkoppe is a fantastic places to visit on a self-drive safari, where camping beneath the crystal-clear night sky next to a warm fire is the epitome of a true African safari.

5. Namib-Naukluft National Park


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Named after the Naukluft mountains, this national park is situated in part of the famous Namib Desert. Sheltering the incredible landscape of Sossusvlei, the park stretches all the way to the coast of Namibia, ending in lagoons and weird waterways near the coast of the Atlantic ocean. The fauna and flora of the Namib-Naukluft national park are incredibly unique, having adapted over millions of years to survive in this paradoxically serene and harsh terrain. Here we see Namibia’s iconic quiver tree brushed dark magenta in the setting sun.

6. Windhoek


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The capital city of Windhoek is where most African safaris begin and this bustling hub in the centre of Namibia is a great destination for all things authentic. Try some local beer that is reminiscent of Namibia’s German-colonial past, spend some time learning about the region’s colourful history and try some great dining spots in the city. Windhoek is the portal to Namibia so be sure to include a few days stay in this fascinating town.

We love Namibia for its dreamlike landscapes and rustic tranquility. This is an affordable destination if you’re looking for adventure and demure beauty. Visit our safari cost estimator to find out how much an African safari to Namibia costs.

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