Five African islands worth exploring

16 February 2017
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Although Africa might not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks of islands, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. This could very well be a blessing as the islands that have been found in Africa are usually untouched and fascinating for various reasons. So why not consider visiting an African island on your next overseas trip? It really will be a great experience and an opportunity to escape some of the crowds of more popular destinations such as Thailand or Indonesia. Here are five to consider on your next outing.

Robben Island

Although the island isn’t a place to go on holiday it’s a fantastic place for those visiting South Africa to learn more about its interesting and harrowing history. This was the infamous location where political prisoners were sent during the Apartheid era it was also the place in which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his fight against the injustice system of the time.


This is arguably Tanzania’s most popular beach getaway for so many reasons. Another fantastic aspect is that the island is also historical hugely significant to the history of the country with its iconic Stone Town which is a UNESCO heritage site. It’s also a hugely diverse island in terms of culture so this is also another reason why tourists choose this destination.

Mafia Island

Mafia Island is a great place in which to unwind as it’s slightly less unhabituated then Zanzibar yet still a popular place for tourists. It's a part of the Zanzibar Archipelago which also includes Unguja, Pemba and Latham Island so if you wish to explore other islands nearby this is also a possibility. In 1995 with funding help from the World Wildlife Fund the island managed to start a natural marine wildlife centre which would later help in prompting the opening of a the first Marine Park in Tanzania.

Inhaca Island

This is the perfect getaway for those visiting Maputo, Mozambique for either business or pleasure who wishes to get away for a few days to untouched beauty and tranquillity. The island is small and fairly uninhabited but has everything one would need when going on holiday from various forms of watersports to luxury accommodation this is the break you have been waiting for.

Benguerra Island

This is the second biggest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago and it’s said to have used to be a part of the main land before it separated from it literally thousands of years ago. The island is only 11km in distance so if one wants to explore its really very easy. Over the years it has become famous for many reasons and even more famous amongst holidaymakers for its majestically untouched white sand beaches, pristine hotels and resorts and fishing, if this is not enough one can even go horseback riding. Plan your holiday in Bazaruto Island

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