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Exploring the Selinda Canoe Trail in Botswana

09 December 2016
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This part of the Okavango Delta was pretty much dried up for almost 30 decades until one faithful day in August of 2009 heavy rains caused the area to flood once again. Thus creating what is today known as the Selinda canoe trail where there are places in which people can walk or canoe with various guided tours of the most breathtaking parts of this amazing part of the world.

These heavy rains caused the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti Delta to overflow into the spillway to enable one river to flow freely hence creating the magical water wonderland that can be experienced today. Here is a rough guide to Selinda Canoe Trail of Botswana.

Getting there

If you’re visiting the Okavango Delta it's more than likely you will be travelling to the Botswana town of Maun first. This is situated in the Kalahari Desert and is also the tourism hub of the country of Botswana here is where you will be getting all the necessary information you need to make your trip a success. There is a good chance you will be travelling from Johannesburg to Botswana a great way of getting there which will enable your trip to run smoother is if you hire a car in either Botswana or Johannesburg before you leave.


Canoe trips

There are many great options for canoe trips in the Okavango Delta and these canoe trips will often include ways and means in which to explore the delta in its entirety many of these include trips to areas which are suitable for camping. Many tour operators offer great packages for trips to this iconic part of the Okavango Delta. Do your research and find out what is the best option for you.

Walking safaris

A walking safari is always one of the best ways in which to really get under the skin of adventure in any safari situation yet even more so in the Okavango Delta. Many of the camps will offer easily accessible guided walking tours around some of the best locations around one of the world’s most sought after wildlife locations.

What to eat

Bear in mind that you will be camping and certain meat products may be restricted to travel over certain borders so keep this in mind. However the town of Maun has everything you need so make sure you stock up there before you leave on your adventure. It’s likely that you will be camping if you have arranged luxury camping facilities it’s likely that everything will be taken care of it but this is something to consider if that’s not the case.

Where to stay


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Many of the accommodation facilities in the Okavango Delta are not permanent structures so many of the accommodation facilities you stay at will not be permanent structures. This is definitely something to consider, a lot of people travelling to this part of the world will do so with all of their own camping equipment and vehicles which can go too hard to reach places.

What you will be expected to see

There is a lot to see in terms of wildlife, this is largely why so many people who love animals and the outdoors visit year in and year out. Some of these animals include Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Giraffe, Impala and Red Lechwe.

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