Nasikia Central Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Part of the Tanzania Safari & African Safari Collection

At Nasikia Central Camp, we have 12 semi-permanent tents established throughout the year, depending on seasonal reservation requirements. We endeavour to retain the uniqueness and intimacy of the camp, while being directed by the location, wildlife and other factors of responsible tourism.

Each tent is 12m long by 4m wide made from well known heavy duty safari rip-stop canvas and imported from South Africa. The tents are side facing and you are met at the entrance by a patio area with chairs and a table for relaxing when you have a moment. The front of the tents zips fully open, including a layer of mosquito netting and the rip-stop canvas (it also zips closed completely with both layers).

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Nasikia Central Camp Details

Activities offered at the lodge

Game drives (day)
Game walks
Game viewing
Bird watching


Dining/Communal Area

Included in your stay

Meals: All meals
Drinks: Most drinks (excludes certain spirits and wines)
Activities: 2 safari activities per day

Nasikia Central Camp Map

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