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Explore the beaches of Madagascar

Madagascar is a beautiful country that holds a large island sharing its same exact name and is situated in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa

Explore the beaches of Madagascar available in Madagascar

Madagascar is a beautiful country that holds a large island sharing its same exact name and is situated in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa

Everyone loves finding an enjoyable place to spend their holidays, so before summer even begins, travellers start considering their options. If you are considering the coastline of Africa, keep Madagascar in mind. It is made up of amazing (hidden) beaches and wildlife.

Popular Beach holidays in Madagascar

These popular itineraries can be customised to match your budget and travel dates

North Madagascar Diego Suarez and Nosy Be Beach Tour - Africa Wildlife Safaris

North Madagascar Diego Suarez and Nosy Be Beach Tour

Two of Madagascar's most popular destinations are yours to explore in this relaxed beach-based itinerary

$ 2,838

£ 2,171

R 39,587


per person

9 days

The Wild South Madagascar Tour - Africa Wildlife Safaris

The Wild South Madagascar Tour

Take a Madagascar island adventure holiday and be one of the few to explore this mystical place

$ 2,293

£ 1,754

R 31,986


per person

11 days

11-Day Western Madagascar Adventure - Africa Wildlife Safaris

11-Day Western Madagascar Adventure

One of the absolute highlights of this trip is a visit to the famous Baobab Avenue where you can watch a breathtaking sunset.

$ 2,600

£ 1,988

R 36,262


per person

11 days

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Adrift in the Indian Ocean, the size of France but with about ten main roads, Madagascar is one country where you can really escape the influence of the modern age and escape to remote communities scarcely touched by the outside world. Increasingly it is being discovered by naturalists and anthropologists as well as those who value its remote beaches.

A stunning 90% of Madagascar’s flora and fauna are endemic, found nowhere else in the world. These are protected in National Parks where rugged hikes are needed to track rare species and in private reserves where, to appeal to the French market, the lemurs are fed from the table and almost tame.

Know before you go

If you are coming from a yellow-fever-infected country, you will be asked for a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Visas are required for all visitors

ATMs (Visa and MasterCard) are widely available in large towns and cities. In rural areas, cash rules. Euros are the easiest foreign currency to exchange

Get a check-up with your dentist and your doctor six to eight weeks before coming to Madagascar to ensure you are up to date with immunisations, to discuss malaria prophylaxis, and to make sure tooth decay won’t turn into an abscess while you’re away.​

It’s a good idea to carry a medical and first-aid kit with you.

Madagascar’s water is not safe to drink from the taps anywhere in the country – including the most expensive hotels.

Malaria is present throughout Madagascar, although the risks of contracting the disease are higher on the coast (particularly in the east) than in the highlands. It is recommended that all travellers take prophylaxis.

When to go

It’s best to go during the shoulder season when it’s not too busy.

What to pack

​First-aid kit

Light clothing

Walking shoes

Something warm

Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses

Weather and Climate

The best time to go is between April-June and September-December because of warm temperatures and fewer visitors. Because of the rain, some attractions close early (November), others reopen late (June). July and August are especially busy because of European school holidays. It’s winter with balmy temperatures by day and cool nights (cold in the highlands). There’s also a spike of high-season activity at Christmas/New Year. January-March is the cyclone season and the east coast is particularly vulnerable, but all coastal areas are susceptible. Discounts available in most hotels.

Safari / Holiday Styles

A beach holiday.

Where to stay

​Vanilla Hotel and Spa

Ravintsara Wellness Hotel

Nosy Be - Andilana Beach Resort


Anjiamarango Beach Resort

Nosy Be

Masoala Forest Lodge

Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar

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Beach holidays in Madagascar - Africa Wildlife Safaris

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