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Three reasons why you should explore Chobe

22 February 2017
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One of Botswana’s premier African safari destinations, Chobe is an excellent choice for travellers keen to see the world's largest land animal.

Sprawling for over 21,000 square kilometres, Chobe is Botswana’s oldest and most diverse National Park. Other interesting wildlife that can be spotted here includes Impala, kudu and lechwe.

If you’re planning a Botswana safari, here are three reasons why you should explore Chobe.

Massive elephant herds


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Chobe is well known for its large herds of African elephants who frequent the riverbanks. Chobe is one of the best destinations in Africa to view them in their natural habitat.

Excellent birding opportunities

Birding enthusiasts will be enthralled by the variety of bird species available in Chobe during the wet summer months when the migrant birds are in full colour.

November to March is the best time to go. The general rule of thumb is the better the rains, the better the birding.

The Chobe River​

The Chobe River which forms an international border between Botswana and Namibia gives travellers the opportunity to boat down its expanses and marvel at the variety of wildlife, most notably, the large elephant herds that congregate around its banks. Be sure to try a sundowner cruise and watch how the sun sets on one of Botswana’s most dramatic scenes.

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